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Driving through Rajasthan, en route to the state’s capital, Jaipur, they sky was filled with what looked like hundreds, maybe even thousands, of colourful paper kites flying in the wind. They swayed up and down, stretching high above the rooftops. Jaipur was a city that took my breath away. This pink playground has more colour, history, craftsmanship, and stories than I ever could have even dreamed of. From the magnificent palace of winds which stands tall and proud above a busy street in old Jaipur, to the impressive Amber Fort with its wall spanning kilometers across the surrounding mountain range.

The City Palace will transport you to a place of fairy tales, with bejeweled royal lounges encrusted with thousands of gemstones, intricate archways adorned with peacocks, feathers, and flowers, colourful rooms and courtyards perfect for imagining life as a royal.

Being in India and seeing firsthand these palaces and forts built hundreds of years ago makes me think how severely underrated Indian architecture, craftsmanship, and art is. India has a history and culture so rich that it should be celebrated and marveled at the way it deserves to be! Jaiho Jaipur